Welcome to the CPJ!

The CPJ is a student organization at The Evergreen State College that produces cooperpointjournal.com and its print compilation.
You can learn more about the CPJ at our websites:

The News Site

At cooperpointjournal.com you'll find news about The Evergreen State College produced by Evergreen students. Any student can submit content to the CPJ.

The Organization Site

The org site has info about joining the CPJ, position descriptions and application materials, CPJ's governance documents, and important reading and paperwork for CPJ members.

The CPJ Digital Lounge

The Digital Lounge is a home for resources and training materials related to producing the CPJ websites and print compilation.

What is the Cooper Point Journal?

The Cooper Point Journal (CPJ) is a student organization with two primary purposes. First, it is a student group that exists to ensure the continued existence of cooperpointjournal.com and its print compilation, Cooper Point Journal. Both serve as news-based media for informing and entertaining students as well as forum for the ideas and opinions of students and others. Second, the CPJ exists to provide a learning laboratory for students to learn about effective, responsible expression and communication as well as dealing with such life challenges as maintaining an inclusive organization, establishing a culture of group decision making, personal and collective accountability, and leadership that focuses on fulfilling organization goals and objectives by fostering an environment of consensus and cooperation. (adapted from the organization's governance document Cooper Point Journal: Operations and Ethics, chapter 1, section A)